Nuude Strawberry & Camu Berry

The freshest strawberries. Gently mix in some organic Peruvian Camu berries, premium flax seeds and drizzles of raw honey. You get to savour an intricate blend of fruity flavours, packed with nature’s wholesome antioxidants.

Product Certificate

Certificate of Origin

The certificate is ertified authentic by third party TradeTrust
This product is tracked on the blockchain for food traceability

Product Certificate

Certificate of Origin

  • Trade Trust Verified
The certificate is ertified authentic by third party TradeTrust
  • Blockchain Verified
This product is tracked on the blockchain for food traceability



Farm Origins

Also known as the yellow dragon fruit, the yellow pitahaya has a bright yellow thick scaly skin and juicy white flesh with small edible black seeds. The sweetest of all pitahaya varieties, the yellow pitahaya is rich in fiber, antioxidants and essential minerals like iron and magnesium to maintain your health!


Pukuna Farms produces and exports exotics fruits from Ecuador And Peru, collaborating with farmers in the regions of Palora, Imbabura, Ambato, Riobamba and Piura to offer a wide range of fresh products of high quality.

Certified “Healthier Choice” by Singapore’s Health Promotion Board, Nuude Ice Cream is a product of Udders, the local award-winning ice cream brand.

"One of life’s greatest pleasures shouldn’t be a guilty pleasure. So we set out to create a range of lower-calorie, lower-sugar, lower-fat ice cream that still tastes amazing and hits the spot," says Wong Peck Lin, Co-Founder and Chief Milkmaid of Nuude Ice Cream.

To ensure full transparency behind how we make our ice cream and how we source only the best natural ingredients, each Nuude ice cream is tracked in our supply chain using a QR code, detailing product origins, manufacturing information and certificates all recorded on the blockchain. We want our customers to enjoy peace of mind when eating their favourite natural desserts!

Nuude Ice Cream is made of 100 percent premium natural ingredients – nothing artificial here – and suits vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free diets. And compared to other ice cream brands, their single-serve pots offer up to 35 per cent less calories, sugar and fat.

Carefully sourced from a family-owned farm in Western Australia, our fresh strawberries are of the highest quality to bring you a taste of nature's naked goodness.

We use PET Plastic that is fully recyclable to house our deliciously natural Nuude ice cream. These containers can be recycled at your nearest recycling bins, or simply reuse them as tupperwares or mini terrarium gardens!



The Udders Brand Story

Try making a delicious strawberry ice cream cake!


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