SazzyFresh Fresh Plums

Join Fluphina in enjoying these sweet plums! Plums are an Australian superfood rich in Vitamin A, C and K, helping you grow strong and healthy! The SazzyFresh brand of fresh fruits make healthy eating fun and refreshing. We pride ourselves on only using quality fresh produce that are been certified on the blockchain, so we can track and trace them from farm to fork. Click on SazzyPets below to follow princess Sazzy and her friends in their adventures in Sazzyland!

Product Certificate

Certificate of Origin

The certificate is ertified authentic by third party TradeTrust
This product is tracked on the blockchain for food traceability

Product Certificate

Certificate of Origin

  • Trade Trust Verified
The certificate is ertified authentic by third party TradeTrust
  • Blockchain Verified
This product is tracked on the blockchain for food traceability



Morning Glory Farms

In what is a small pocket of Western Australia, the Southern Forests region is one of incredible variety and abundance whose status as one of the nation’s premier food bowls is growing every day. SazzyFresh Plums are proudly grown by Morning Glory Farms in Yanmah, part of the Souther Forests region in Western Australia. Click on the arrows to learn more about our farm!

Ewan Eatts

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Hi there, my name is Ewan, and I help to take care of our family farm, Morning Glory Farms, located in the Southern Forests region of Western Australia. We grow a variety of stonefruit, squash, as well as cattle. I am currently studying to be a farmer and hope to continue running our farm that's been in my family for four generations now.

Safe and healthy for kids, SazzyFresh Plums are grown with care at Morning Glory Farms. SazzyFresh Australian Plums are carefully grown by third-and-fourth-generation farmers Ewan Eatts and his father, Bevan Eatts, seen in the video showing you their plum trees! All our plums are fresh and natural - so fresh you can pluck one off the tree and have a bite right there!

PUKUNA Pitahayas

Pukana Yellow Pitahayas are proudly grown in Palora, Ecuador, a region that produces more than 12 million kilos of Pitahayas annually. Both our farm and the fruit collection and packing plant are certified by Agrocalidad, an Ecuadorian agency that controls the quality of agro-produce, which assures the quality and safety of our product.


Calories: 60 kcal
Protein: 1.2 g
Fat: 0 g
Carbs: 13 g


SazzyPets Episode 1 - Birthday Fun!
While planning a birthday party, the Sazzy Pets learn that working together is fun and every job is important.

SazzyPets Episode 2 - A Noble Trait
Princess Sazzy and friends discover the importance of punctuality.

SazzyPets Episode 3 - Everyone is Special!
Set in the magical world of Sazzyland, the little goat princess Sazzy and her friends enjoy life to the fullest.

SazzyPets Episode 4 - Take a Break!
The Sazzy Pets learn that it it is easy to burn out if they forget to relax.

SazzyPets Episode 5 - Re-purposed, Practical, and Fabulous!
Princess Sazzy learns how to make old items new again.

SazzyPets Episode 6 - Pinky Promise
The Sazzy Pets make a new friend and discover the importance of keeping promises.


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